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Bandscape glass indicator? - Qualy?.  Hugging the glass tight is the colourful Bandscape in six cute variety, thus, a great indicator to prevent glass mixing up with others at a fun party. Easy to slide it on any size of glass/can/bottle to give your drink a miniature natural touch, it also acts as a gripper for the glass won't slip off your hand when wet.

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And the fun part is you can dress your glass up with as many of Bandscape as you desire to create your own little forest.?? Qualy products are designed to serve both function and decoration purposes. All materials are specified for the product usage, which make them more durable and suitable. All Qualy products have been inspired by nature.?? Also the Qualy products and packagings are 100% recyclable.

  • Material Silicon
  • Dimensions 6x O~90 mm