Four Seasons - seasoning shakers - Qualy

Forget about hiding salt, pepper and seasoning away in the cupboards. Use for example oregano or basil for the spring tree, white pepper or curry in the cactus shaker, chilli or paprika for the autumn tree and salt for the Christmas tree.?

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Preparing each meal is an enchanting process when you’ve got these snowglobe-inspired shakers by Qualy to sprinkle each dish with delight! From their Bangkok-based studio, Qualy creates preciously practical home accessories that are constructed from and packed in completely recycled materials - the ideal addition to a uniquely modern and darling decor. Set includes: Spring pice, summer pepper, autumn spice, winter salt?. Four Seasons shakers makes it fun to cook and store your spices in a fun and different way. Each shaker represents a season in which the seasoning form the substrate.

  • Material Acryl
  • Dimensions Tray: 65 x 240 mm, shaker: 50 x 70 mm