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Duo Sparrow Keyring Set - Qualy

Sparrow Keyrings by Qualy are now availalble in DUO version. They're twice as cute and hold twicke as many keys!? Whislte and Key Ring and Key Holders?. Cute little sparrow to guard your keys.? House attaches to the wall with sticker pads or hooks. The sparrow whistle holds your keys and rests in its house when you aren't using them.??

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Let the little sparrow be your best friend. He'll be everywhere with you. He can whistle to raise an alarm to ask for help in an emergency and keep your keys in the safe place. ?These keyholders are always a favourite here at hirst & hirst.  A great gift, for those who regularly spend minutes searching for keys - just remember to put the bird back in its house!  The bird doubles as a whistle - it won't find your keys for you, but it might come in handy if you are Captain von Trapp (email Joanne for an explanation if you don't get it - it's probably a girl thing...) We've seen one of these with car keys, 4 house keys and 2 other key rings attached - so they have some strength! ?Available in different colours.

  • Material Plastic
  • Dimensions 95,5 x 71,5 x 45 mm