Jib Jib - Egg cup & salt-pepper shaker - Qualy

Wake up to the smell of freshly cooked eggs! Add salt and pepper to taste. Turn Jib Jib's head until his eyes turn black for pepper, turn Jib Jib's head until his eyes turn white for salt.?

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Bring nature into the dining room with this Qualy Jib-Jib. With multiple uses, this super cute Jib-Jib is not just a great table decoration, but it is also an egg cup holder and a salt and pepper shaker. Jib-Jib the cute bird itself is the salt and pepper shaker, simply turn his head side to side to select salt or pepper. Once you have the handy Jib-Jib in hand, the dish it was perched on becomes an egg cup. Cutely clever in design, Jib-Jib will always be handy.?  Presented in a smart gift box made from recycled paper.?

  • Material Plastic
  • Dimensions O 120 x 80 mm