Terms and Conditions


Q: Where are your products from?
A: Qualy is a brand that originated in Thailand, and its products are designed and manufactured in Thailand, hence its high quality and excellent product design. We are proud to be the only authorised distributor for Qualy in Singapore. For more information on Qualy, please click on the “About” page. For a list of our authorised retailers, please click on the “Contact” page.
Q: What is the quality like? 
A: Qualy products are sold all over the world, including European cities, and thus have passed stringent food safety  and quality tests, while imitation products may not be, in order to cut costs. Do look out for the Qualy logo, and the “made in Thailand” mark.
Q: What are your products made from?
A: Qualy products are made from 100% recyclable materials, and the plastics for kitchenware are food-grade. The paper used in the packaging is made from recycled paper.