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Q: How do I order?A: Select whatever item (you might have to select a colour first for some products), in the quantity that you want, and click “add to cart”. You can continue shopping, and click on the cart to view and amend your order when you’re done.Q: Is there any way I can see your products first before I buy?A: There are several ways! You can always view our products at any of our many physical authorised retailers; just check out our “Contact” page. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to visit our office/showroom.Q: The product I really like is out of stock! What do I do? A: Just send us a message via email or via the contact form in our “Contact” page. We might have a spare or two, or we can advise you on the estimated time of stock replenishment.Q: I was overseas when I saw this Qualy product that I love but you don’t carry it. Is there any way you could bring it in for me?A: Do let us know! If there is enough demand for it, we will be sure to bring it in during the next shipment!Q: Do you do bulk orders?A: Yes, please contact us for a quote for orders exceeding $2,000 in total amount.