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Flip Cup - Toothbrush holder / Water Cup - Qualy

Flip Cup or Toothbrush holder - Qualy?.  Flip it over to switch the 2 in 1 designed cup from water cup to toothbrush holder. One side can stand still while another has small gap underneath where the air can go trough when the water cup is not in use so it dries quicker. The through hole allows the water from the used toothbrush run through and does not keep any dirt in the holder.?

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Qualy products are designed to serve both function and decoration purposes. All materials are specified for the product usage, which make them more durable and suitable. All Qualy products have been inspired by nature.?? Also the Qualy products and packagings are 100% recyclable.

  • Material Plastic
  • Dimensions O 80 x 110 mm