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Quality: We believe that quality products start with the creative thinking process via design, material selection and the manufacturing process. Every detail is important to ensure that our products meet our high quality standards and this is recognised by customers all around the world. Unique: The creative design makes all Qualy products original and unique. Qualy has to date several patents under its name, and has won several product design and innovation awards and international accolades. Aesthetic: The appearance of a Qualy product is carefully and painstakingly designed just like how an artist crafts his masterpiece. A sculpture that is as functional as it is aesthetic. Long Lasting: Qualy desires to be part of the effort in making the world a better place. Our products have society, environment and sustainability in mind. You: Our products are designed to fulfil your satisfaction, both functional and decorative aspects to suit your lifestyle and to share your special moments.

Marka Qualy wywodząca się z Tajlandii - jest to nowy świeży brand w branży artykułów wyposażenia wnętrz. Wszystkie produkty Qualy cechuje wysoka jakość oraz zaskakujący design. Qualy - zaskakująca kształtem i designem swoich produktów, młoda marka, która w swojej ofercie posiada miski do sałaty, klamerki, budki na klucze, stojaki na parasole, kosze na śmieci, narzędzia kuchenne. Wśród produktów przewija się motyw wiewiórki i wróbelka. Żywe, radosne kolory sprawiają, że wyroby Qualy wyglądają bardzo atrakcyjnie.

QUALY was established on 17th December 2004 by Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat (or just Thos) with his older brother Teerachai Jai (or just TJ) as designer. Qualy items are decorative and create happiness and fun – they all make you SMILE :-) The surprising and eyecatching designs will often give you an “aha” feeling as you discover the function of a Qualy product. TJ and his design team have received various design awards such as Form#, DE Mark and G Mark. The item winning most awards is Log & Squirrel, a self watering plant pot.



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